Hey, I'm Matt.
Get to know me a bit


As a designer, I believe that vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. I provide the aesthetic that many people would overlook when putting together a product, and I surmise that something is made perfect by its functionality, as well as its beauty. I innovate by making art out of things that are used everyday by the common user, and I feel as though that is my premier quality as a designer.

Simple & Clean design is my passion.




UI / UX Design Intern • Project Jupyter
Summer 2016 at Cal Poly

  • Designed the user interface of JupyterLab using Sketch used by around 3 million active Jupyter users
  • Performed user testing on 30 people to record data about JupyterLab, and made adjustments to enhance the user experience of Jupyter
  • Collaborated with other contributors over GitHub to make software development changes to JupyterLab, the Jupyter Notebook, and the Jupyter website
  • Refined the Jupyter identity by creating a brand book for the global organization

Web / UX Intern • Career Services
September 2015 to June 2016 at Cal Poly

  • Revised content on the Career Services website by eliminating over 200 pages to make resources easily accessible using Drupal
  • Responsible for enhancing the user experience of the Career Services website by thinking creatively within restrictions and adapting to corporate guidelines

Freelance Website & Graphic Designer • Pixelove
August 2012 to Present in Denver, Colorado

  • Founded a self-sustainable design-based company by crafting solutions to the needs of dozens of clients through website development and graphic design production



Marketing Manager • University Graphic Systems
June 2016 to Present at Cal Poly

  • Managed interns in a marketing campaign project to promote causation for UGS
  • Maintained company branding through effective promotional communication and the creation of a universal branding guide for the company

Residential Advisor (RA) • University Housing
September 2016 to Present at Cal Poly

  • Established a safe and inclusive freshmen community inside Sequoia Residence Hall by enforcing policy, encouraging campus resources, and hosting programs that met learning outcomes



Creative Director • TEDxCalPoly
Summer 2016 to Fall 2016 at Cal Poly

  • Developed and maintained a consistent brand for all creative materials to emphasize professionalism and excitement for a sold out event
  • Managed Design Team to complete tasks to market the event

Leader & Summer Staff • Young Life
Fall 2007 to Summer 2015 in Denver, Colorado

  • Led and mentored middle school kids through the youth group program to help them through any struggles and to promote relationship building
  • Worked as a volunteer server (2013) and as a volunteer cook (2015) to give back to the organization



California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication
Web & Digital Media concentration
GPA of 3.7 • Graduating June 2018



Dean's List
College of Liberal Arts
Fall 2014, Fall 2015, and Winter 2016

Regional Gold Keys
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Received two Regional Gold Keys for Digital Art for an infographic and website