The Lift


Littleton Young Life is a local Christian youth organization that has been running clubs and supporting kids since 1941. Recently, Littleton Young Life had been struggling for three years to find a home, but finally acquired a building they used to run clubs in during the 70's, a new home, recently named ‘The Lift’.

Identity and Interface Development

September 2013



I was given the task of creating a logo and a website highlighting the benefits and activities of the organization.



I later renovated the website in 2015 using WordPress, to allow any of the Young Life staff or leaders to make changes and replace pictures as needed, quickly and easily. I still tried to retain the theme of "lifting up kids" with Littleton Young Life at The Lift.



Littleton Young Life is still strong in operation, and is using their headquarters' website and brand to consistently change middle school and high school kids' lives, and supports anyone giving Young Life a try.