Meep Records

Meep Records is an independent studio business in Denver, Colorado that specializes in creating custom lathe cut vinyl and plastic records for clients wanting to burn their music into a playable microgroove record. Meep was the very first professional client I created a website for, and because of their naturally distinct and unique specialty, I wanted to make a website that was clean, but different.

Interface Development

October 2013

Scholastic Gold Key in Digital Art


Meep logo by Riley Beckerman


I worked alongside my colleague, Riley Beckerman, to revamp the original Meep Records to something more refined and unique. While he worked on a new logotype for Meep, I was responsible for choosing a style guide and layout for this next level website.

In the end, I went with a single page website, which limited user complication by allowing all content to be accessed via scrolling and navigational anchor links at the top of the page. The website was completely responsive, and featured webfonts compatible on all devices.



The new and improved Meep Records happened to get lots of attention, and from the reccomendation of a mentor, I submitted the website to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and recieved a Scholastic Gold Key in Digital Art for the design and functionality of the website.

The website has since been remade by another web developer. To view the current site, you can visit meeprecords.com/.

Meep Records