Portfoliac, an idea that sprouted out of Pixelove, is a service that allows customers to recieve a full featured, beautiful, and responsive portfolio for their design work, photography, or any other art specialized to what they do. As opposed to waiting for a wireframe to be made with Pixelove, Portfoliac allows the artist to be able to see "blueprints" of what their website could look like, yet also be able to tailor it percisely how they want it. Unlike other portfolio-making websites, all the work is done for the creative by Portfoliac, and all of the website files are given to the artist to publish wherever they please.

Leadership, Discovery, Identity and Interface Development

January 2014



To give this new service a face of its own, I developed an identity that represents the combined concepts of creation and precision. Along with this new brand, I developed a new, hand-written, responsive website to deliever the concept of this service and to display the "blueprints" that I also coded from scratch.



Portfoliac is still active as an additional Pixelove service, and is happy to accept inquiries for new portfolios. Portfoliac will be upgrading to Portfoliac 2.0 later in 2016 to make this process more streamlined and modern.